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The Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe Enterprises Inc. (Ma-Chis LCITE) is a chartered tribal business corporation created for the purpose of promoting the economic development and long-term financial viability of the Ma-Chis Nation. Their purpose is realized and their objectives are achieved by the development, creation or acquisition of financially sound, well-managed business entities, which then comprise the divisional structure of the corporation. The business capabilities are diverse and broad in scope, including, but not limited to, construction, property management, information technologies, medical professional services, manufacturing and retail, communications, and services.

The federal government has the option of contracting for design and construction-related services under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 19.805-1 that allows the Small Business Administration to award sole source contracts to eligible 8(a) firms. Contracting actions can be facilitated under 13 CFR 124.506(b), Exemption from [$3,000,000.00] Competitive Threshold for Participants Owned by Indian Tribes. The premise for the Ma-Chis Kawv, LLC is to combine the labor force and management personnel from Vanguard Contractors with the skilled labor force of the Ma-Chis LCITE which will produce a longterm construction expertise of the Ma-Chis LCITE in accordance with our Mission Statement and Corporate Charter.

The management and employees of Ma-Chis LCITE have a broad spectrum of education, experience and talent that blends into an extremely well-rounded team. With educational backgrounds from architecture, engineering, construction, business and marketing, the combined disciplines allow for a real understanding of an owner's special needs and requirements. Employee experience in design/build, finish carpentry, specialty finishes, concrete, masonry, demolition, interior renovations, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and excavation gives Ma-Chis LCITE the capability to handle all facets of a typical project. When required, subcontracting is accomplished with the owner's interest in mind and with established, qualified subcontractors who have proven track records.

Ma-Chis LCITE brings a wealth of experience and insight to the projects we undertake. Over the years, we have completed a remarkable variety of work. Past projects include renovation and restoration, tenant up-fit, and site-work. These projects demonstrate the capabilities and a high level of commitment to quality, safety, budget compliance, and performance.

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Vanguard Contractors has extensive experience in design/build, project management, in-house general contract services, and contract maintenance and repair. These competencies, in combination with our financial resources, provide the ability to complete our projects in an efficient and timely manner. We take pride in both the quality of our work and in our workforce, which consists primarily of full-time permanent employees. Vanguard Contractors has the management, financial, and quality strengths to serve existing and new clients’ construction project needs.

Although the company’s headquarters is in Kentucky, Vanguard Contractors’ abilities are not restricted geographically. Currently, we have active projects in thirteen states and one United States territory. In recent years, our job sites have reached across the country from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Excellent on-site management, as well as our relationship with local team members, helps to ensure success at each location.

It is our philosophy to “exceed the Customers’ expectation” while providing fair and reasonable pricing in a process that can be quantified and justified throughout. Our key personnel, team members, experience, and methodology promote success. Our exacting documentation for Quality Control ensures Customer satisfaction is on the forefront of our industry. A proactive Safety Program is validated by lower than industry standards for EM rates and lost time injuries. We receive superlative compliance audits and have been the recipient of several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sustained Safety Awards and private sector Safety Awards, including the Governor’s (KY) Safety Award and numerous Associated General Contractors Chapter Safety Awards. Daily reporting, team member qualification, subcontract administration/management procedures, program/project management abilities, and warranty procedures further serve to support our understanding of the Indefinite Delivery Task Order (IDIQ) concept and implementation.

Vanguard Contractors is an outcome oriented general contracting company having a successful history of similar work with over 475 projects either in progress or completed via multiple IDIQ, design/Build, and construction services multi-year contracts. The projects include range construction, hangar renovation, State Historic Preservation Office historical structures, technical facility construction, general and administrative facility renovation and construction, utility repair/replacement, central energy plant renovation, quarters/barracks renovation, commissary renovation, maintenance and supply shop renovation, life safety upgrades, ADA upgrade, HVAC upgrades and improvements, primary and secondary electrical improvements, SCIF-level communication, emergency response, and other similar projects. Individual project values range from $12,000 to over $58,000,000 while durations range from two days to three years.

The number of successfully complete projects clearly exhibits our capabilities and qualifications to readily adapt to varied scopes, sites, and variable customer requirements.

  8a Tribally Owned Company by Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe Enterprises, Inc. & Vanguard Contractors, LLC